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What is in Free Spirits?

Questions about ingredients and how they work? We have answers here.

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Returns and Refunds

What is our return and refund policy? Why is this our policy? Find out here.

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How to start, edit, or cancel subscriptions

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Login Issues

Having a hard time logging in? Check this out.

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Editing or Cancelling an Order

Need to change something? Wrong address? We have options!

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The Free Spirits Recipes

Are you looking to make a perfect cocktail or something inventive and fun with Free Spirits? Our very own @thebritbehindbars has something for every occasion.

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Email and SMS marketing

Having issues with our emails or texts? Let us know!

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Looking to find us at an event? Want to request sponsorship for an event? You can get all of that here.

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Distributors, Retailers, Restaurants, and Bars

Interested in carrying Free Spirits? Want more information on how Free Spirits can benefit your business? We have info for you here.

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