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The Spirit of Gin Cocktail Recipes

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Tried and true recipes to create your favorite - or find your new favorite cocktails using The Spirit of Gin.


Blueberry Mistletoe - N/A

Serve-up this non-alcoholic beauty and pucker-up for some tasty lip action. Ingredients. Method

Cranberries in Clover - Low-Proof

A low-proof classic cocktail as pink as Santa's cheeks. Ingredients. Method. *Holiday spiced cranberry syrup. Add 2 cups of cranberries, 1 cup water and 1 cup of sugar to a saucepan. Add a couple of shakes of pumpkin spice and bring to a simmer for 2

Cranberry Smashed G&T - N/A

Fall in a cup–this non alcoholic cocktail is light and refreshing, with a splash of seasonal flavor. Ingredients. Method

The Fashion Forward - N/A

A refreshing floral twist on the Old Fashioned that combines nutrient loaded and uplifting Spirit of Gin with zesty grapefruit and elegant elderflower. Ingredients. Method. *Elderflower Syrup: There are bottled products such as Monin and Belvoir Frui

The Free Polinater - N/A

You too can be as busy as a bee with this B vitamin and caffeine laced version of this Bees Knees inspired cocktail. Ingredients. Method. *Lavender/honey syrup

The Free-Spirited Bee - N/A

This cocktail, based on an old prohibition recipe, is filled with B-vitamins, anti-inflammatories, and antioxidants that will lift your spirit while keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground. Ingredients. Method

The Fruit Cup

This bright refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail mimics some of the delicious characteristics of a Pimm's Cup; and as Wimbledon's fortnight of strawberry indulgence has just begun, I thought it fitting to show a non-alc version of one of my favorite sum

The Garden Variety - N/A

Start your day with this refreshing and nuanced cocktail with everything green from your garden. Ingredients. Method. *Garden Mix. Method

A Herbal Affair

It's always gin and tonic season and here's something that takes care of your gut as well as your thirst, all without the unwanted effects from alcohol. Now that's healthy and cool!. Ingredients. 3 oz The Spirit of Gin. 2 1/2 oz iKonic Water. Fresh S

The Holiday Crush - N/A

Crush the holiday season hangover free with this flavorful and exciting winter cocktail. Ingredients. Method. * Holiday spiced cranberry syrup.

Hoppy Almond Fizz - N/A

Adapted from the Zero Proof non-alcoholic recipes book. If you’re stuck in white out conditions here's a delicious cocktail to sip while you wait for the sun to come up with a beautiful aroma of hops, meyer lemon and marzipan. Ingredients. 2 ½ oz The

The Low-Groni - Low-Proof

Celebrate National Negroni Week with Free Spirits! Our in-house mixologist @TheBritBehindBars made a tasty low-ABV recipe for you to celebrate in style. Ingredients. Method

The Meyer Lemon Ginger Gin Drop - N/A

The ginger zing of this guilt-free citrusy gin drop is the perfect dry January (or any time) cocktail. Ingredients. Method

Pickled Cranberry Gibson - N/A

Keeping it classic and simple is sometimes the best way to enjoy a cocktail.Here’s one straight. from the fridge with no fuss and it's good for your gut!. Ingredients. 3 oz The Spirit Of Gin chilled from the fridge. 3 pickled cranberries from Oly Kra

Pink Gin & Tonic

Spring forth with a delightful pink non-alcoholic gin and tonic, fashioned with dried rose buds and Peychaud's bitters. Ingredients. Method

Raspberry Collider - N/A

Accelerate your taste buds with this beautifully nuanced N/A cocktail with the colliding flavors of tarragon, mint and saffron honey syrup. Ingredients. 2.5 oz The Spirit of Gin. 7 Raspberries. 10 Tarragon leaves. 4 mint leaves. 0.5 oz lemon juice. 0

The Tea Clipper - N/A

Ima-Gin this! The Spirit Of Gin combined with the spicy citrus taste of a warm cup of earl grey tea. The Tea Clipper is your newest gin cocktail & it’s another Free Spirits original. Ingredients. Method. *Earl grey tea honey syrup