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The Spirit of Tequila Cocktail Recipes

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Tried and true recipes to create your favorite - or find your new favorite cocktails using The Spirit of Tequila.


Blood Orange Margarita - N/A

Celebrate national margarita day with the most colorful of winter fruits, the blood orange. Ingredients. 2 ½ oz The Spirit of Tequila. 2 oz Fresh squeezed blood orange juice. 1 oz Fresh lime juice. ½ tsp agave. Bar spoon of vanilla extract. Turbinado

Chile Pomegranate Paloma - N/A

A spicy twist on this bubbly tequila classic, it's loaded with amino acids, vitamins B3 & B6, making this cocktail a delicious and lively immune booster. Ingredients. Method. *Spiced pomegranate grenadine. Chile Pomegranate Paloma KitShop the Chile P

Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita

Here’s the result of our Free Spirits experiment with The Spirit of Tequila infused with cucumber and jalapeño. Take a 16oz mason jar and add 6 thick cut slices of cucumber and 1 jalapeño cut in half with seeds removed then fill the jar with The Spir

Fennel and Watermelon Cooler

Nothing captures the flavor and colors of the summer season like watermelon. So with its eye-catching hue I offer to you a tall refreshing non-alcoholic cooler spiced with ginger beer and a healthy shot of The Spirit of Tequila to quench the keenest

Holiday Cranberry Margafreeta - N/A

A cup of holiday cheer you can drink all night long. Serve your party guests this seasonal N/A margarita. Ingredients. Method

Hello Glow Margarita N/A

Check out our It Ain't Easy Being Green recipe for a zingy green margarita option as well. Ingredients. 2.5 oz The Spirit of Tequila. Glow Mix:. 16 oz pineapple juice. 16 oz coconut Water. 3" piece of turmeric, chopped. 3" piece f ginger, peeled and

The High Tea-Quila Cooler - N/A

4pm cocktails and still sharp for a night of fun? Yep that's the High Tea-Quila Cooler. Ingredients. Method. *Earl Grey syrup

The Immortal Jellyfish - N/A

A non alcoholic cocktail to keep you rejuvenated and dancing all night long. Ingredients. 2.5 oz The Spirit of Tequila. .75 oz lime juice. A couple of sprigs cilantro. Pinch of chili flakes. Method. Add all ingredients to an iced cocktail shaker leav

It Ain't Easy Being Green N/A

Save those pineapple rinds!! That’s the secret to the delicious pineapple basil & tarragon cordial. that's at the heart of this vibrant green N/A cocktail. Ingredients. 2.5 oz The Spirit of Tequila. 2 oz green pineapple cordial*. .5 oz lime juice. 1

The Modish Spirit

This modern interpretation of the timeless Old Fashioned uses premium ingredients centered on the flavor combination of chocolate and orange to highlight the smoke and chili undertones of The Spirit of Tequila. And you can enjoy the second round with

Purple Paloma - N/A

Like our Chile Pomegranate Paloma is a twist on the famous Paloma, this is a twist on a twist! Blueberries sub in for the Pomegranate giving this cocktail a vibrant purply red hue with all the bubbles coming from Betty Buzz Grapefruit Soda. Ingredien

Santa's Suit - N/A

This non-alcoholic cocktail is full of festive cheer so you can stay sharp to catch a glimpse of the Big Guy!. Ingredients. 3 oz The Spirit of Tequila. 1 ¾ oz cranberry agave. ¼ oz fresh lime juice. Method. Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker an

Solo Cup Slushy

It’s time to risk some serious brain freeze with this zingy, refreshing poolside summer slushy. Ingredients:. Method:. *For the slushy-pineapple mix:. If you’d like it less chunky, strain out the solids. Add a splash of orange scented agave to sweete

Stone Paloma

It's NA Tequila time and here’s a Paloma with some summer stone fruit added into the mix. The Paloma is a delicious cooler from south of the border with popularity almost equal to that of the famous Margarita. Ingredients. 2 ½ oz The Spirit of Tequil

The Summer Sling

For the perfectly fruity, complex and refreshing Summer cocktail, The Summer Sling, featuring The Spirit of Tequila will hit the spot. Ingredients. Method. * Blueberry grenadine

Tangerine Thyme - N/A

Notes of smokey fire from the mood boosting Spirit of Tequila play well with the sweet tang of tangerine. Sip this for a good thyme!. Ingredients. Method. *Thyme syrup.

Tequila Alejandro - N/A

Start March of right with a delicious Tequila Alejandro - a riff on the classic Alexander. Ingredients. Method

Watermelon Firecracker - N/A

Light your fuse and celebrate with some spicy summer refreshment!. Ingredients. 2.5 oz Spirit Of Tequila. 1 oz watermelon juice. .25 oz lime juice. .25 orange scented agave. 4 slices of fresno chili. Method. In a cocktail shaker muddle the chilis. Ad