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Taurine, B3, and B6


You may have seen an ad or read on our website that we add some vitamins to our Free Spirits to boost your mood, but what does that mean? 
Let’s talk a little bit about these supplements to get a better idea.


We have a whole lot of technical data surrounding Taurine and its effects, but here is the gist of it. Taurine is an amino acid naturally found in humans. It is mostly found in the heart, brain, retina, and skeletal muscles. It is considered an essential amino acid in most mammals. We mostly get taurine from our diets when we eat things like meat and seafood. Since babies are not able to synthesize taurine, it is also found concentrated in human milk and supplemented in baby formula. Even cats and dogs need taurine in their diets. Low taurine contributes to weakened immune response, retinal degeneration (leading to blindness), gut health issues, and more.

While there is still more research needed, it has been found to help protect against mitochondrial defects including aging, cancers, neurological disorders, and even cardiovascular health. In fact, Japan approved taurine as a supplement for heart failure patients back in 1985.

Ok, but what does this all mean for helping boost your mood?

The short answer? It’s a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants help repair cells damaged by free radicals. It helps with our metabolism and muscle strength, which in turn improves mental performance

B3 and B6 Vitamins

Ok, ok, so why add B3 and B6 if taurine is so good for us? 

B6 Is naturally found in lean meats such as poultry and fish, as well as chickpeas and bananas. It helps with the nervous system and is important for brain health. It helps with depression, confusion, and the immune system.

B3 is found in foods such as dairy, legumes, nuts, and lean meats. It helps break down foods into energy. Also known as Niacin, it works in our bodies to keep our skin, nervous system, and digestive health in good shape.

Why do I see some of the same ingredients in energy drinks? Will I feel jittery?

Our bodies need these essential vitamins, and the amounts in our Free Spirits are not as much as you would find in an energy drink. In fact, one 1.5 oz serving of Free Spirits contains about 30% of the recommended daily value we need, whereas most well-known energy drinks contain between 100-360% in a single serving.

If you have a sensitivity to B vitamins, or already take them daily, you may feel a little jittery, but it is not comparable to an energy drink.


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