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Why can't I get a refund if I don't like it?Updated a year ago

We get it! You buy something wanting it to taste fantastic and then you try it and it isn't for you. 

We get asked why there isn't a money back guarantee. Hopefully we can help you understand it a bit here. 

Tastes are subjective. We have a lot of fans. We also have customers who have given us a try and it isn't for them. It's completely normal. 

Many people enjoy it straight, but our intent is to mix it into cocktails. It can replace your favorite top-shelf spirit 1 to 1, or if some alcohol is still in the plan, mix it 50/50 to create a low-proof cocktail.

We’ve been told by some people who like to drink it straight that it is an acquired taste, like the first time they tried bourbon. They said they waited a couple days after trying it the first time, then went back to it. They enjoyed it more the second time and now they crave it. It’s different for everyone.

Our goal is to give people more choices when trying to cut back or avoid alcohol. Most "virgin" cocktails feel like they are missing something. With Free Spirits expressions, we like to put the body back into the cocktail that low or no alcohol cocktails seem to lose. 

Unfortunately, we can't accept opened bottles returned to us and we cannot account for everyone's tastes. We wish we could make everyone happy but hey - we do make a lot of people happy, and we are proud of that. Cheers to you and thanks for giving us a try!

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